Spa Treatments

Himalayan Hot Salt Rock Massage 

Combining everything you could want from a treatment – warmth, massage and hydration. Your own, brand new, Hot Himalayan Salt Rocks will be used to massage your back, neck and shoulders, with comforting and deep tissue techniques. This massage is designed to ease muscular tension whilst promoting a sense of calm. Your skin will be left super-hydrated, from the rocks and our range of mineral-rich products.  When the treatment is over, we will pop your personal rocks back into their container and give them to you to take home for use in the bath or shower, where you can use them for massage or simply let them sit in the water and release their therapeutic minerals.

A Bespoke Matis Facial

Designed with the UK’s head trainer from Matis in conjunction with our senior therapists,  you can enjoy this luxurious treat designed specifically for you! When you choose this treatment, you will be asked a few simple questions about your skin and what you hope to achieve from your facial. From there, our therapists will create a bespoke treatment for you, using the quality products from Matis, incorporating luxurious creams and lotions along with unique massage techniques. You will be left with visibly clearer skin as well as a long lasting sense of wellbeing. 

During this treatment, your therapist will use a 100% natural konjac sponge, packed with minerals and antioxidants – this sponge is exclusive for your use, and you will be given it to take home with you to add to your daily skincare routine, so that you can continue seeing amazing results long after your spa visit is over.

Hands on Swedish Massage

Designed by our therapy team, specifically for our spa guests, this hands on Swedish-style massage has been tailored to relax and hydrate. Using mineral-packed skin soothing products, your skin will be hydrated and calmed of any irritation to leave it feeling smooth and soft. We’ve sourced products that combine plant extracts and Dead Sea minerals that work to moisturise the skin, increase skin suppleness and improve its texture. The light-formulation balms are easily absorbed and feel amazing while working to replenish the mineral levels of the skin. Your therapist will use movements and pressure dictated by you, to leave you feeling relaxed and more supple. 

Your therapist will give you a pouch of Dead Sea salts to take home to use in the bath within 24 hours of your treatment to continue the benefits to mind, body and skin.

Hot Salt Poultice Massage

We’ll use unbleached muslin bags that are filled with Dead Sea salts tied into tight pouches, steamed, then rhythmically stamped, kneaded and rocked over your body as part of your massage alongside traditional strokes. This helps relax muscles, while the warmth of the pouches and rocking motion of the therapy combine to create a deeply soothing experience. Poultice massage works on a deeper level than just massage therapy, as it goes into the belly of the muscle groups for maximum benefits, encouraging circulation and lymphatic drainage.  

When your treatment is over,  your therapist will pop your poultice into its jar for you to take home to use in the bath or shower for a couple more days to continue to benefit long after your spa visit is over.